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For various reasons, Platinum Home Care Inc. has become the most highly regarded home health care agency.  It is the number one choice of hundreds of families in looking responsibly after their elderly parents and grandparents, of ill loved ones, disabled and those under recovery because we do not only take care, we can diagnose, administer treatment and do other medical and health measures.  It is our pride to have gained the trust of Southeast Michigan, its cities, counties and communities.

Citizens of this nation choose us, firstly because we welcome clients of all walks of life free from discrimination and prejudice.  We give equal generous treatment to everybody regardless of gender, belief, age and origin of race.

Secondly, our health care force has achieved all the necessary education and training required of them and are well experienced, admirably kindhearted and skilled.

Thirdly, we are very conscious of our system and method, so much that we constantly question our approach and develop or modify such matters resulting to up to date and effective services.

Fourthly, our services are truly cost effective. We coordinate with your insurance provider and accept aid from government programs like Medicaid and Medicare.

For such reasons and dozen others have people chosen us.  And for the same reason should you select us.  Take it from them.  Our health is no trial and error game.  We give a serious take on administering home health care – it is precise and efficient.

Choose the best NOW instead of going through frustrations first.  With Platinum Home Care Inc. you can be sure that the most qualified home health care practitioners will have your health in their hands.

We proudly serve Southeast Michigan with our home care programs.
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Our success lies in your satisfaction with our services. We seek ways to combat mediocrity through innovation. We help our clients by administering personalized home health care. We stand by those who are home bound due to illness, injury and disability. Platinum Home Care, Inc. is what it is today because of loyal care practitioners who continue to perform their duties under the banner of our agency, and loyal clients who have unceasingly recommended us to their friends and family. Read More
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